Our Story


After sorting through the mail, Dr. Baker saw DELL was having a huge Black Friday sale.  He tossed the flyer into the recycling bin after realizing he didn’t need a new laptop.  Then it dawned on him that there were definitely those who could really use one, so he got the flyer out of the trash.  

He wanted to buy all the computers they had, but as it turned out,  He could buy up to a maximum of 5.   Now all  he had to do was find those who could really use a new laptop and had demonstrated a genuine love of learning.

Dr. Bobby thought about the Mayor’s office and how they could connect me with our school system who probably knew some great student candidates who would really appreciate the opportunity to have their own computer.  

After making the connection with the City, everything began to blossom. Before he knew it,  he had a campaign called "Computers with a Cause”.  

It started with the donation of the 5 computers, but he believes there are  many other children in the community who could  benefit from having personal access to a computer.  

He reflects that there was a time in his life when he would have been thrilled for someone to recognize his curiosity for learning and allow him such an opportunity.  

“There's no limit to what one of these students can do when they realize that there are people out there who care about them and demonstrate the fact that their hard work has been recognized and appreciated” says Dr. Baker.

He shares his excitement in see what the selected students will do with their new computers and he want to continue to promote “Computers with a Cause” for years to come so that others can join us in the wonderful mission. 

Rusty Griffith, a Commercial Realtor with Carolina One Real Estate, Commercial Division, donated a carrying case, mouse pad and mouse for each laptop. Deborah Singleton, CEO of SureVantage Marketing Group, volunteered to assist Dr. Baker in setting up a GoFundMe, Facebook page and video that will enable future laptop give-aways to deserving students. Melissa Hair of the city’s IT Department purchased thumb drives for the students.